Thailand Paradise

Gals Who Travel is a community that provides a safe space for young female travellers to explore the world together. These trips are the perfect opportunity to travel safely with likeminded people of a similar age. The majority of the group are usually solo travellers but of course you can grab a friend to join you! After the unforgettable experience’s you have as a group the bond you leave with is a friendship for life! All groups will be set up with a group chat prior to departure so you can connect with other going on your trip, get to know one another and even plan your further travel together!!

*please note, Brontë will be on some but not all Gals Who Travel trips.


We’re taking backpacking to the next level! If you’re dreaming of unspoilt sandy beaches, dazzling cocktail views & waking up in pure tropical paradise, You’re in the right place. Live your best life as we explore, Khao Sok National Park, Railay, Phi Phi & Phuket in style. Island hop pristine white beaches & turquoise blue waters. From fine dining & charming hotels to breathtaking viewpoints & infinity pools. Tantalising Thailand, you’ll thank us later.

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Our Flashpacker style is for those who want to experience our bucket list activities, but with a little more comfort and style. We've included all the best bits of our Classic tours but with higher standards of accommodation, transport and activities. Done the hostel vibe? Then this is your natural progression. It still has the epic backpacker vibe, but a bit more boujee. We like to call it ballin’ on a budget. From backpacker to Flashpacker.

What's Included

Khao Sok National Park Elephant sanctuary Spa treatments Phra Nang Cave Visit Sunset Kayaking Promthep Cape Rockclimbing Grand Palace Viewpoints

Airport Pickup
(up to two days before as long as you are booked into the start hotel)

Travel Ninja
Your Guide! Like travelling with your best mates and one of them happens to know where they're going!

All Internal Transport Included

8 Nights Accommodation

Sunset kayaking & cocktails
Thailand Adventure - Khao Sok
floating bungalows in khao sok national park
floating bungalows at khao sok national park

Khao Sok National Park.. Pure Thailand paradise. We'll spend the night sleeping in raft accomodation floating on the emerald green lake. Walk the deck beer in hand before taking just a few steps to jump into the magical waters of Khao Sok. A favourite for all those that get the chance to visit whilst in Thailand!

A drone shot of the hotel grounds in Railay beach, Krabi, Thailand showing the pool, sun loungers, bean bags and luscious surrounding greenery
A photo of a twin double room at the hotel in Railay Beach, Krabi, Thailand
A photo of a hotel in Railay beach, Krabi, Thailand showing the blue pool, sun loungers and the surrounding lush greenery

Immerse yourself in a tropical paradise as we stay in secluded bamboo cottages, each with its own private balcony & air conditioning. Surrounded by emerald-green mountains, the views are out of this world. Our hotel includes a stunning infinity pool with sun loungers, perfect for poolside cocktails & relaxing whilst overlooking the scenic Andaman Sea. Perfection. We stay amongst the luscious jungle in Tru Thai authentic luxury accommodation. Yeah, for real.

Phi Phi Islands, the place of dreams, the Instagram hotspot, complete and utter beach bliss. Welcome to paradise! We stay across 2 hotels in Koh Phi Phi both as gorgeous as each other! he rooms are spacious with air conditioning, flat-screen TVs and en-suite bathrooms. Comfort at it's finest. The location is ideal close to nightlife and restaurants, the views are breathtaking, and the cocktails? Well, they're delicious.

Charming, stylish and enchanting. Our hotel in Phuket is next-level beauty. A relaxing retreat just a short walk from the glorious Karon Beach. With glistening resort swimming pools and vibrant, spacious rooms, you'll feel at home in no time. With your very own private balcony overlooking the hotel's stunning architecture and long winding crystal clear pool, our hotel is the perfect place to unwind after a day of exploring Thailand's beauty and culture. Check into the spa and rejuvenate with a massage, indulge in the restaurant's famous cuisine or sit back and relax poolside on a sun lounger. You're in paradise after all.

Bucket List
group shot at khao sok national park thailand
Floating Accommodation
Thai Spa
Girl sitting at Koh Phi Phi Thailand Viewpoint overlooking ocean and lush green Palm Trees
Phi Phi Views
Sunset kayaking
A group selfie with an elephant at the elephant sanctuary in Thailand
Elephant Sanctuary

Tour Itinerary

Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6 Day 7 Day 8 Day 9
Day 1

Welcome to Thailand!

Arrive in Phuket and welcome to paradise! Thailand is the dream destination for many first time travellers but the islands are really where it’s at! This is the start of the best goddamn 9 days of your life. We’re ready and waiting at the airport to pick you up. So grab your bags, and we’re on our way! We take you to our first hotel where you can relax the day away. The afternoon is free to spend as you please, it’s been a long flight, so connect to the wifi and order any and every cocktail that contains a funky umbrella or colourful straw. Start your boujee adventure as you mean to go on, right? In the evening we meet up with the rest of the group and the gals you’ll be spending the next 9 days with. It’s our first night, so we grab a welcome dinner and see where the night takes us..

Airport Pick Up
3 girls chilling by a pool in Thailand having drinks
Day 2

Magical Khao Sok National Park

How was your first night? Of course, it was out of this world. You’ve met your gals of course! We grab breakfast before heading to our first destination on tour and of course we go big, like big BIG. We’re going to the magical Khao Sok National Park! Emerald green waters, floating bungalows and raft houses surrounded by limestone mountains and wildlife. We take a mini van then a long tail boat to our destination. To say this is a bucket list ticking experience is the understatement of the century. Khao Sok National Park is the perfect place to immerse yourself in the beauty that is Thailand. We’ll spend the day swimming in the lake, kayaking around these jaw dropping surroundings before sitting back with a beer in hand as the sun goes down. Khao Sok National Park is the perfect place to start our gals trip and trust us, it will be a night to remember!

1x Breakfast, 1 x Lunch, 1 x Dinner
Khao Sok National Park
Three girls sitting on the log in the lake at Khao Sok National park Thailand
Girls floating in donuts at the lake in Khao Sok National Park Thailand
Group photo at Khao Sok national park's floating bungalows in Thailand
Three people in doughnuts facing the incredible views of Khao Sok in Thailand
A girl in a doughnut holding a beer and admiring the view of Khao Sok in Thailand
Day 3

A Railay good time!

It’s a chilled morning with breakfast lake-front with the gals. Today we bid farewell to the jaw dropping Khao Sok National Park and head to our next destination Krabi! We check into our luxury hotel. A beautiful resort located in Railay, relax by the infinity pool surrounded by limestone mountains. Freshen up before hitting the beach. We’re sailing into the sunset, Disney style. Well, not quite we’re kayaking, but the experience is just as magical. GoPros at the ready, as we kayak into the hidden gem of Phra Nang Cave. A tru-ly authentic Thai experience, known to bring good fortune and fertility from the legend that is Phra Nang sea princess goddess herself. As the sun goes down, we paddle back to the beach where cocktails are calling our name. Hey, we’ve worked up a sweat. It’s only right we have a daiquiri or 5. A TruExclusive, a Tru experience and a Tru memory like no other.

Railay Beach
1x Breakfast
Sunset Kayaking & Cave visit
Four girls stood hand in hand at Railay beach, Krabi, Thailand watching the sun set
A group of four admiring the stunning orange and pink sunset in Railay beach, Krabi, Thailand
Halong Bay's hidden gems kayaking
Day 4

Viewpoints and rock climbing baby!

Rise and shine! It’s an early one, we leave the hotel around 8 am and take a hike up to one of Thailand’s most famous viewpoints. The views are breathtaking, the hike, maybe a little breathtaking too.. But so worth it when you get to the top! Insta worthy shots for sure. *This morning's hike is optional if you fancy a lay in!* In the afternoon we head out rock climbing! Climb the limestone cliffs and sea the stunning sea from up high! In the evening we hit up the best beach bars for a well needed and deserved drink. Boujee cocktails only, please.

Railay Beach
Viewpoints and rock climbing!
1 x Breakfast
The view point with incredible views of Railay beach
Group photo in the pool at Railay beach in Krabi Thailand
Day 5

We’re in Phi Phi BEACHES!

Next stop Phi Phi island! Phi Phi is famous for many things other than the filming of a young Leonardo Dicaprio in The Beach. Hey, he’s gorgeous, and we’re still swooning..We love Leo, both the babe and the Thai beer. But Phi Phi is so much more than that. Golden sandy beaches, pristine blue waters. It’s heaven. We catch the boat across and once arriving the afternoon is yours to do as you please. Catch some zzz’s on the beach, grab an acai bowl smoothie or relax in our fancy-ass hotel. There’s no better place to watch the sun go down than the famous Phi Phi viewpoint, so we head there for sunset. Grab your TruFam in close, the skies are golden orange and candy floss purple. Pure perfection. Phi Phi’s nightlife is POPPIN. So if you fancy partying your flip flops off, or watching a wild fire show on the beach, well we’re with you every step on the way. What happens in Phi Phi stays in Phi Phi right?

Koh Phi Phi
Viewpoint at sunset
1 x Breakfast
A group selfie at the viewpoint in Koh Phi Phi, Thailand as the sun is about to set
A group selfie at the viewpoint in Koh Phi Phi, Thailand just as the sun starts to set
Two girls wearing TruTravels vests sitting at viewpoint in PhiPhi, Thailand with the ocean and islands in front of them
Girl sat on the end of a boat in Thailand in bikini with windswept hair and island views
Four girls at the viewpoint in Koh Phi Phi, Thailand overlooking the stunning view of the clear blue ocean and lush greenery
Day 6

Island hopping Phi Phi!

Wake up to the sounds of the waves, the fresh, crisp sea air, walk outside you’re in paradise. It’s a chilled one before we jump on a speed boat to explore. James Bond style. Sunglasses on, wind in your hair, we’re island hopping in style! We sail the turquoise blue waters, speed through the emerald green scenic views. Trust us, there’s nowhere else you’d rather be in the world. We hit the gems that are Monkey Island, (no really there’s monkey’s there) Viking Cave and Pileh Lagoon. All as different and tru-ly spectacular as the next. Like we said we don’t do average, we do bucket list ticking, mind-blowingly awesome. Jump in! We spend the afternoon snorkelling and swimming and having some delicious lunch onboard. Bliss. We watch the sun go down as the night comes alive, and the plankton shines bright.. Anyone fancy an evening dip? Another unbelievable day brought to you by TruTravels, you’re very welcome.

1x Breakfast, 1x Lunch
Boat Trip & snorkelling
Five people in the crystal clear blue water while snorkelling in Koh Phi Phi, Thailand
Girl sat on the end of a boat in Thailand in bikini with windswept hair and island views
Amazing photo of a monkey sitting on a mans hand in Koh Phi Phi Thailand
A group of four on a long tail boat in Koh Phi Phi, Thailand surrounded by lush greenery, cliffs and stunning turquoise water
Three girls admiring the view at the top of the viewpoint in Koh Phi Phi, Thailand admiring the view of the crystal clear blue ocean and luscious greenery
A girl on a boat at Maya bay in Koh Phi Phi Thailand
Two girls sat at the edge of a long tail boat admiring the view of bright turquoise water and surrounding cliffs in Koh Phi Phi, Thailand
Day 7


Today we say goodbye to Phi Phi, we miss you already and catch the ferry and a minivan back to Phuket. The largest of the Thai islands! The afternoon is free to chill and do whatever you fancy! From action to relaxation Phuket’s got it all, your Travel Ninja can point you in the right direction for any afternoon activities you want to tick off that bucket list. We’ve got a big day tomorrow, so let’s unwind. I think a luxurious massage or spa treatment courtesy of yours Tru-ly will do. Yeah, we know how to spoil you ;)

1x Breakfast
Spa massage
A group of four posing in front of a bright pink wall in Phuket, Thailand
A group of four walking through the streets of Phuket, Thailand
large group of friends on a night out in Phuket with lots of colours from shops and bars in the background
Day 8

An El of a good time!

Today is our last full day together and what a trip it’s been! So we head to the local elephant sanctuary to visit Thailand’s national animal. We get up close with these friendly giants and learn how they are rehabilitated and cared for day to day. Animal welfare is extremely close to our hearts at Tru, and the elephants here are free to roam and are not here for the entertainment of tourists. We educate ourselves and use this opportunity to distribute funds to programmes that do good. Hey, it’s an El of a morning! ;) We arrive back early afternoon and have a few hours to get ready for our final night! Go big or go home! We head to one of Phuket’s most famous spots for sunset in Promthep Cape and have a delicious dinner on the beach and see where the night takes us. It’s our last night, so it’s only right we make it one to remember... We can already taste the sex on the beach..cocktails.

1x Breakfast
Elephant Sanctuary
Feeding bananas to the elephants at the sanctuary in Chiang Mai Thailand
A group feeding the elephants bananas at the elephant sanctuary in Chiang Mai Thailand
A group selfie with an elephant at the elephant sanctuary in Thailand
A girl feeding a baby elephant at an elephant sanctuary in Thailand
Day 9

Farewell...For now!

Check out day, we’re not crying you are. Have a chilled morning, It’s been an unreal 9 days of exploring Thailand in Tru comfort in style. Backpacking but make it boujee, you get the drift TruFam. All good things must come to an end, and we’re gutted to see you leave. Your Travel Ninja is on hand for and any onward travel plans you may have, or even an impromptu sadness induced hug. All the important stuff. You’re a member of the TruFam now so let’s not say goodbye but see you soon. In the words of Arnie. Hasta La Vista Baby.

Help with onward travel
1 x Breakfast
Two girls toasting their beers on the beach at sunset in Phuket, Thailand
A fun group photo on a boat in Koh Phangan Thailand

Trip Departure Dates

June 2024
DATE: START - END9 Jun 2024 - 17 Jun 2024 priceU$1,755.00
July 2024
DATE: START - END7 Jul 2024 - 15 Jul 2024 priceU$1,755.00
August 2024
DATE: START - END5 Aug 2024 - 13 Aug 2024 priceU$1,755.00
September 2024
DATE: START - END1 Sep 2024 - 9 Sep 2024 priceU$1,755.00
DATE: START - END29 Sep 2024 - 7 Oct 2024 priceU$1,755.00
October 2024
DATE: START - END27 Oct 2024 - 4 Nov 2024 priceU$1,755.00
November 2024
DATE: START - END24 Nov 2024 - 2 Dec 2024 priceU$1,995.00


What level of accommodation is on a Flashpacker trip?

Our accommodation is of a higher standard for comfort and style, we stay in beautiful hotels and resorts, with stunning views. We’ve specifically chosen our hotels and suppliers to ensure every moment is tailored to a flashpacker lifestyle from the rooms to the surroundings, we stay in paradise.

What type of transportation is used?

We’ve perfected our Flashpacker tour for maximum comfort and minimum travel times. We use private minivans for a lot of our transport or if it’s a long way, we’ll catch a flight. No stress.

Are there any flights you'd recommend booking?

Here are a selection of flights from across the UK that work well for the Thailand trips*


9th June Tour:

From LHR: Etihad Airways, Departure 08/06/24 9:30am, stopover in AUH, Arrival 09/06/24 7:40am.

From LGW: BA operated by QA, Departure 08/06/24 9:00am, stopover in DOH, Arrival 09/06/25 7:35am.

From MAN: Etihad Airways, Departure 08/06/24 9:10am, stopover AUH, Arrival 09/06/24 7:40am.


7th July Tour:

From LHR: Thai airlines, Departure 06/07/24 12:30pm, Arrival 07/07/24 9:00am

From LGW: Qatar, Departure 06/07/24 9:00am, stopover in DOH, Arrival 07/07/24 7:35am

From MAN: Etihad Airways, Departure 06/07/24 9:10am, stopover AUH, Arrival 07/07/24 7:40am


29th September Tour:

From LHR: Air India, Departure 28/09/24 9:45am, stopover DEL, 29/09/24 8:10 AM

From LGW: Singapore airlines, Departure 28/09/24, 10:15am, stopover in SIN, Arrival 29/09/24 9:10am

From MAN: Etihad Airways, Departure 28/09/24 9:10am, stopover in AUH, 29/09/24 7:40am.


5th August Tour:

From LHR: Air India, Departure 04/08/24 9:45am, stopover in DEL, Arrival 05/08/24 8:10am

From LGW: Turkish Airlines, Departure 04/08/24 17:15pm, stopover in IST, Arrival 05/08/24 15:20pm.

From MAN: Etihad Airways, Departure 04/08/24 9:10am, stopover in AUH, Arrival 05/08/24 7:40am


27th October Tour:

From LHR: Malaysian Airlines, Departure 26/10/24 11:00am, stopover in KUL, Arrival 27/10/24 9:50 AM

From LGW: Singapore airlines, Departure 26/10/24 10:15am, stopover in SIN, Arrival 27/10/24 9:15 AM

From MAN: Qatar, Departure 26/10/24 15:00pm, stopover in DOH, Arrival 27/10/24 13:25pm


1st September Tour:

From LHR: Air India, Depature 31/08/34 9:45, stopover in DEL, Arrival 01/09/24 8:10am

From LGW: Emirates, Departure 31/08/24 14:30pm, stopover in DXB, Arrival 01/09/24 12:00pm

From MAN: Etihad Airways, Departure 31/08/24 9:10am, stopover in AUH, Arrival 01/09/24 7:40am


24th November Tour:

From LHR: Air India, Departure 23/11/24 8:45am, stopover in DEL, Arrival 24/11/24 7:10am

From LGW: Turkish Airlines, Departure 23/11/24 16:55pm, stopover in IST, Arrival 24/11/24 15:45pm

From MAN: Etihad Airways, Departure 23/11/24 8:05am, stopover in AUH, Arrival 24/11/24 7:10am.


8th December Tour:

From LHR: Turkish Airlines, 7/12/24 17:45pm, stopover in IST, 8/12/24 15:45pm.

From LGW: Turkish Airlines, Departure 7/12/24 16:55pm, stopover in IST, Arrival 8/12/24 15:45pm.



*TruTravels are not responsible for the cancellation, delay or other complications that may arise from booking these flights. These are just a guide to make booking your trip more easy.

Where does the trip start & Finish?

The trip begins in Phuket and finishes in Phuket.

Is my money protected?

Yep! You’re protected. TruTravels is both ABTA and ATOL registered meaning your money is safe. We also offer 1 free date change before 60 days of your departure date.

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